CHT Conference 2015

Another conference has come and gone. This was my fourth Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference, and this year it was held in Austin. So since we moved 3 weeks ago that meant just an hour’s drive from our new home.

One of my Warp Speed Ahead centerpieces.

One of my Warp Speed Ahead centerpieces.

I went over early Friday morning so I could set up my centerpieces on the tables and then do a stint at the check in table. I must admit I rather enjoyed coming up with a plan for the centerpieces. I did still have my original note I made in a meeting when I had that insane moment of volunteering to make them. (I have since lost it, but it is interesting to see where one begins and follow the journey to where one finally has the finished product.) I then worked on two ideas – a ball for the world and shuttles taking off into space with yarn flowing behind; then the second idea was a cylinder with the shuttle going around it with the yarn flowing around and around. Then both ideas were going to have color changing LEDs inside. As I progressed and played with the ideas I passed by my prototypes and had a brainstorm. Why not put the cylinder inside the circle. It looked great so instead of settling on one idea and making it. I now had to make 12 of both and combine them. It worked out and I was pretty happy with them.

I roomed with a friend and took very few pictures as in only a couple to remember the time with. The hotel had a lovely courtyard with outside entrances that I loved but alas we were on the inside with a lovely view of the intersection of 290 and 35. At least if you wanted to see something moving there was no lack – even if you were up at 4:30am.

View from room

View from room

My favorite class was Woven Silk Flora with John Mullarky. He was a fun teacher and reminded you of a kid still having fun with life. The class used the dreaded silk hankies. I had one once and swore to never touch one again. Alas this day I learned to make a silk flower with the Zoom Loom (developed by John Mullarky) and actually wouldn’t mind a few silk hankies finding their way to my home now. It was quite fun though a bit more challenging than using just the wool and cotton that I have used on the loom. I did get my flower done in class. Not perfect as a first try never is but I will be making many more and they will improve with the practice.

Only the flower. I did get the green leaves done and attached but no picture... yet

Only the flower. I did get the green leaves done and attached.

But what can be a great part of a conference? The Goodie Bag. So below is my haul of things that I didn’t have to pay for. Well, almost. The bits from classes which are there, I did pay a $5 class fee for supplies but I still feel they count for this picture.

The wonderful things given to us or just to me.

The wonderful things given to us or just to me.

In this picture are quite the treasures. The silk and merino roving, top right, was a door prize from Red Fish. I consider them a bit expensive for me, but boy, I will treasure this and enjoy the spinning and finding a special project for it. And not prejudiced, but I think I got the best door prize of all. My flower is there with the leaves done and attached. There is a lovely washcloth, kleenix cover, card holder, split ply key chain, shuttle, dryer balls, covered button, card, stuffed little pincushions, samples from a class I made, and a stick spinning kit. Already tried the stick spinning and now know how I will at least begin every spindle from now on. It works so well and as the spindle I’ve used the last five months doesn’t have a hook on top, I had the dickens trying to get that first bit spun and wound on. This was very quick and easy to get the beginning spun. Each of these came from different guilds around the state.

Now don’t think I didn’t hit the vendor hall as well. I did buy some organic cotton for weaving and some variegated cotton. And yes, as all good wives tend to do, I did go over what I agreed I would spend with my husband by $10. At least he isn’t upset.

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3 thoughts on “CHT Conference 2015

  1. Thank you Julia for all you did to make this a nice conference. The vendor hall was eye candy for any fiber-holic.


  2. Linda Williams

    LOVE the centerpieces! And what a haul of goodies!


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