At My Folks House

So my father had a heart attack and I am now in North Carolina taking my stint as home health care for my folks. My father calls me the General but as my other sister is coming back this evening, he thinks he is going to have a Brigadier General and a Major General to now deal with. Things are going well at this point.

But the reason for this post is that when I come, I get to see some old handwoven pieces I did years before and gave to my mother.

My successful Log Cabin

My successful Log Cabin

I made this towel for my mother back when I finally was successful with Log Cabin. I do love this piece though I think I do see one mistake in it now. She has used it as a dresser cloth as she didn’t want to actually dry dishes with it and wear it out. I must say though I am in love with the 3D look of this and can never tire of looking at it.

Space dyed yarn bag

Space dyed yarn bag

So then I found a bag I gave to mom. This bag is from the same warp as the bag I gave my new neighbor just a month ago. Mom has used this bag extensively to hold her clipboard with sheets of Sudoku puzzles as well as books when she is traveling. If you look close you can see it has had some life behind it. The straps really stand out. They are the same yarn as the warp but are inkle woven and so the colors aren’t washed out with a white weft yarn.

Well, time to get back and see what is next. I think I need to go help with lunch now.

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5 thoughts on “At My Folks House

  1. Julia,
    Thank goodness you have gotten moved in so you are “free” to help out. Sending healing thoughts and wishes for your dad’s speedy recovery.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad hoe he’s feeling better soon. My mother won’ t use the towels I give her as towels but puts them on chair backs.

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  3. Julia, have to apologize, meant to say I hope he feels better soon. Barbara


  4. Linda Williams

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Will pray for speedy recovery. Love both the pieces pictured!

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