Why Nothing has Happened Here Lately

So it has been a month since I wrote about something I’ve done. Not good. Alas little is happening on this front of late. So I must tell myself that other things have been happening. The biggest being that I am still getting my new space ready to actually move in and set up. Seems like it is taking forever – which it is. But it is close whether I see it or not.

We bought this place outside of Lexington, and it had a simple metal barn and an apartment above. That apartment is my space. Alas and alack, it hadn’t been used in some time and was beyond a bit neglected.

Before work began

Before work began

This picture (above) is my only one of the before any work. Stuff was being taken up there only to be in the way later. What you don’t see in this picture is that the window by the door leaked badly in the past and all around it is rotted. I pulled up the rubber baseboard glued to the wall and what did I find in that corner under the window?

The floor affected by the leaky window

The floor under the window, under the carpet

So you see that daylight coming through? This wasn’t going to be a simple job. Also a reason why the carpet had a major ick factor to me that Mark didn’t quite get. So definitely new carpet was needed and fresh paint. So a plan was set up. After a couple of carpet prices we found a guy Mark wanted to work with. Interesting as the guy came out and measured everything and then I went to the shop in Giddings and picked out carpet. I picked one and it was below any other price and he even showed me some linoleum they were getting rid of that was perfect and didn’t add that much to the cost. So I was able to get the carpet and linoleum for less than Mark’s top dollar for just carpet. And it was rather an interesting time as it felt like I had time traveled back to the 50s or 60s. The building was mid-twentieth century with little updates, and the man did all his figures and sales sheet with a pen, paper, and adding machine. There was a computer on the desk but it wasn’t on nor could you see the keyboard under the papers.

So the plan? We would get the place painted, some layers of wallpaper taken off that proved hard and time consuming, and the floor by the window fixed in the two weeks before the carpet was put in. Notice that “we”? Alas, it became a “me” project. Mark found a tractor he wanted and spent the two weeks trying to get it home. He was told it ran but when he went to bring it home, it didn’t. So by the time he did manage to get it running enough to trailer it, the man gave him two tractors and a brush hog for less than the original price for one of them. They are both 1950s Ford tractors that he is excited about fixing up.

The scary hole to cover over from in front of the door to the wall.

The scary hole to cover over from in front of the door to the wall.

Haven't painted the one section as part of that wall will still need replaced.

Haven’t painted the one section as part of that wall will still need replaced.

But what about my space? Well the floor that needed fixed, that was beyond my help and got done in the two evenings after work before the carpet went in with a very late night and a not very happy wife to be sure. It was 10pm when the least amount of work needed was finished.

So the carpet and linoleum came and went in. I didn’t remember the carpet being exactly like it was but it was perfect for blending in with the walls. It is specks of about three colors. Also perfect for those paint drops found too late. Now the wall color. I wanted something with just a hint of color. There is a lumberyard/hardware store in Lexington that has paint. Not the big choice of the big box stores but thankfully it was close by. So I picked the lightest color they had which was actually in the pink range to me and had a name with the word lilac in it. Mark thinks it looks a bit more lavenderish so that is good. Alas, it does seem a bit more color than I wanted but it will do and by the time all gets in up there, you won’t see much wall anyway. I also picked a baseboard color that wasn’t just white. It also has lilac in its name. When just seeing it with the walls and carpet it looks white but against something really white you can tell there is a snitch of color there.

I am a lot farther along now than these pictures. Mark even (was he feeling guilty not helping with the project?) had a guy come out and fix the wall and replace the window and door and do some other jobs up here that I was just declaring good enough as I was just wanting to get done. So he has now come and gone and I just have a bit more painting to finish to start setting up. Almost there.

Carpet, baseboard, and wall

Carpet, baseboard, walls together

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