If You Don’t Know What it is, What Would You Call It?

"Ferris Wheel"?

“Ferris Wheel”?

We had a good laugh in unpacking boxes. One was the last one off the truck when they unloaded our goods to the farm. All the guys just laughed as they read what they had written on it when boxing it up. We laughed but couldn’t dream what was actually inside this odd box.

So finally last night came. We were unpacking these big boxes and getting loom stuff up to my space above the barn. A busy, hot, paper and cardboard everywhere affair.

AVL Warping Wheel

AVL Warping Wheel

We did break into this box and had a good laugh. I guess if you don’t know what something is and no one is at hand to tell you, you come up with the nearest thing you can to describe it. They knew it had to do with weaving and that the main instrument of that occupation was called a loom. My loom is warped sectionally and I progressed up to owning an AVL warping wheel. I guess it really does look like a ferris wheel.

I didn’t get a picture of the other funny box that had us befuddled. I wish I did get a picture. But it had on it all about a cylinder with metal rods around it, and other odd descriptors. After finally cutting through the tape and unwrapping the box (wound around whatever item), we found inside the warp beam of the loom with its metal rods dividing up all those inch sections across the beam and around it.

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2 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know What it is, What Would You Call It?

  1. So nice to have your space all set up! At least your movers tried to label the boxes. Loved the Ferris wheel description.


  2. Ferris wheel indeed! It is funny how others define our equipment. Those warping reels are so nice–enjoy using yours again!


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