I Need New Dish Rags

OK, so I have been using some of my first weaving as dish rags and I have loved them. They were wonderful in the kitchen. Cleaning and great for getting lids off jars. Alas they descended into over use and more holes than a piece of cheese cloth. I first recorded these at A First That is a Now. I was planning at that time to weave the pattern again.

I can't let you go!

I can’t let you go!

Well, as I can see, I must do something about the state of dish rags in this kitchen. These are beyond the shape they were in when I decided to reweave the same pattern. What I wove then, A First That is a Now Part 2, I put in a sale and two sets sold but one didn’t. So as I went looking again for new dish rags, I found my set still waiting for a place in this world. I pulled them out and to the kitchen they came. I love the colors though these are the muted ones of the three sets they still are pretty.

My new set in the kitchen.

No I didn’t iron them before they went to work.

I have been pretty happy with these though they don’t have the rough workhorse quality of the old ones. They are for a finer kitchen. They are the same pattern which takes on different qualities between the two different types of cotton yarn. The old ones were a thicker rough cotton yarn.  These the pattern stands out better but it is a fine tea towel quality though not linen. These are a nice soft smooth yarn. But happily I can spend money on other more fun things than something as mundane as dish rags now.

And yes, I have been doing a bit of weaving and spinning. To come in a bit.

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One thought on “I Need New Dish Rags

  1. I have always liked the idea of working with handwoven in the kitchen. So many paper products bulk up the landfill. I applaud you and your lovely dishcloths!


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