Christmas Small Town

I know I haven’t written much to myself of late. Life hasn’t been of such that much has happened in the fibery world around here but much else has and since it takes more than fiber to weave a history, I am going to remember other events as well now.


Merry Christmas Y’all from Lexington Log Cabins

Tonight we went into town for the Christmas at the Log Cabins. We live 4 miles outside Lexington with its population of around 1100. It is quite a nice small town to live by. Tonight was a fun night at the Log Cabins which were moved into town around the Bicentennial.








The Living Nativity 

The events began when the birth of Christ was read by one of the pastors in town as the children acted it out. We also sang carols between the different events. There was of course the cute kids and that one that was a show off. Fun to watch. Afterwards was hot dogs, chips, and tea for $2 and cookies and hot chocolate for free. We ate and walked about. Saw a couple people we knew and then I went to get some pictures elsewhere. Returning in time for the arrival of Santa and the tree lighting.




At the end of the countdown the tree was lit.

Santa arrived on a fire truck with his entourage and the children went crazy. It actually was fun watching then all excited and not able to wait for him to come around. After he plowed his way to the tree, we had a countdown and the lights lit up. Quite the sight and the colors a bit more vivid than this picture.










Starting to feel chilly


IMG_2501 (1)

Mark feeling fine.











Guess it has been too long since I have posted last. WordPress has changed its format for writing, and I don’t like the new form. Doesn’t it so often seem that once you figure something out they switch the game on you? Why? Just a short complaint as I can’t get the pictures to do as I want. At least late at night.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Small Town

  1. Hi Julia, Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope things are going well for you in your new home.


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