I have Started a Warp…

OK, so fibery things have been on the back burner a bit of time. But I did start a warp. When? I’m not saying, but I did start to warp the big loom. Didn’t have much time and got called away. Haven’t been back. Much other has taken precident in my life of late but this is really a call to myself to get back out there and at it. Will it happen before next week? Alas, that is a problem. Lots to do and will be gone Saturday. I need to start using free time more wisely. Instead I just veg out way too readily when it comes.


Loom set up in its new home awaiting a warp.

We have had the loom up and ready and I got the tie up done awhile ago. Now I finally did pick out from the stash yarns for a project. But that was about all that got done. I know part of the problem is that I don’t have the storage I had before to stow stuff and the room is still quite messy looking and whenever I’m in there I mostly think of what to do with everything and what I need to do it with, but I did get some yarn out and … Boy, there are way too many ands in that last sentence. I think I may be too into excuses. Need a change.


The beginnings

Alas I thought I had a picture of the two measly inches that I have wound. (sectional back beam) but it seems I don’t. Obviously, it is just burned in my brain as needing to look a bit better than it does now so must spend a few hours every day out there and get back at it till it is woven and done and then I can move on to some right pretty yarns I bought this summer and see what they will become.

But for now my relatively red, white, and blue mishmash fabric for the windows in the living room. I probably won’t have any of those colors left when I finish this. And yes there are some more about the place than right in this picture.

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