A Blue Bag


The pattern

I found a pattern that I liked and had some yarn that worked. So I wove, what really is, a bit of a narrow band that was quite long. After weaving, what is a person to do with this cloth when you just wove it for the liking of the pattern?

Well, I came across an easy way to make a bag with a strip of cloth and so thought this would be a good chance to try it out. It was a simple idea where you take just a long strip of cloth and then wind it around and sew up the sides and you have a bag. Of course that made no sense to anyone but in a sense that is all that there is to it.

Sideline. Looking at this picture up close – Does anyone else see a major weaving mistake in there. Never noticed it before but now it is going to bug me. As plain as day.



How the bag goes together

So you lay it out and have one end (already hemmed up) where you want the top to be. Then you fold up onto itself and sew the seam on the side just that far. Clear as mud? Then you loop it over for the other side and repeat the side seam and then sew the two parts together. Ok, really clear as mud now. Don’t we love pictures to help one out. I’m sure if I worked hard at this I could write a tome to help out with the wording but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

One can see here that we start with the end of the cloth on the right. Go down and wrap up and sew that far right seam. Then come up over the top and wrap back up the same height and sew the far left side seam. Then you take these two ends and sew them together which is the front center and back center seams. All quite easy.





Finished bag

(I’m in the midst of a battle with picture size right now I want something in between the two choices its giving me. One is way too small and the other way way too big.) But back to the bag.

So here is the bag and though it works quite well, I’m not quite happy with it. I wanted a good bit of space for the handle but think it is too much for the size and material. I will say it is sturdy bag and won’t give out very soon. I think though, I could have made the bottom bag part a bit deeper. Or maybe the whole thing should have been longer to account for the cloth. I do still have another piece of this that is about as long as this piece was. Hmmm… Think I need to find another use for it.

Oh, and don’t think I just did this. I just found it in my things. There is a warp going on the loom but hasn’t made it to completion yet.

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3 thoughts on “A Blue Bag

  1. Oh, I did see that little oops in there. Happens and the cloth is too pretty to give up on just for one treadling mistake. I’ve played with that bag idea and it’s not satisfying to me either. If the strip is wide enough to make a decent sized bag, it’s too large on your shoulder. I think a narrower strip would be better to make a long skinny bag with just a short handle – a gift bag for a wine bottle. I may have to make one in muslin to see if my silly idea works.


  2. I didn’t see your mistake until you told us to look for it! But I’ve found the same thing with my own work–taking a photo makes the mistakes seem glaring!


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