A Hat Declared Done

I should have recorded this hat sooner but as it has been a bear, I have put it off. You see, I won this yarn as a door prize at a guild meeting, but it refused to be turned into anything. I tried a couple projects that died almost as soon as they started. This was a thick thin yarn of variety of color and looks like types of wool. In my book not a cohesive whole. So it laid about for a year, two, three, who knows how long but way too long. And yes, it has been in the plural of the word year.

Then I decided that it would probably work in the beret pattern that you use poster board for the loom. I had forgotten, I had taken pictures of the weaving until just now. So am stopping to find them. Yes, even getting this thing finished now has taken too long. This yarn really hates me. …. OK. I’m back and though I distinctly remember taking pictures of the process of making this hat, I can’t find them anywhere on this computer. Frustrating but just know that they weren’t great pictures.


Hat sitting on the first bear Mark bought for me.

Anyway, there is a pattern that you punch holes on poster board and then weave in the warp threads through the holes according to the pattern. When done you then weave as normal around the circle on top and on bottom of poster. After it is stuffed with weft, you then tear out the poster board and have a hat with the top crown and then a turn under. Then you can finish off the bottom by crocheting around it.

Despite this being the third time I’ve made one of these, I still can’t seem to make one large enough for me to actually wear. This one is larger and before the crochet just about fit. But my head is just too big – which my husband would probably have a comment at that point.


Sam an unwilling model.

Well, to continue the dreary drama. I can’t get a decent picture today of it. Maybe its because I’m doing this instead of what I need to be doing. Or this yarn really is jinxed. But anyway, here is an unwilling Sam, who tried his best to not be mom’s model, but the poor boy is quite picturesque and takes wonderful pictures. Which is odd as his sister is the prettier dog but doesn’t take too many pretty pictures. But I digress. Here is the hat on a living being. Not a perfect fit for a head at all but it does sit there nicely if he isn’t moving.


A top view

I tried to get a good picture of the colors that are in this yarn and hat. Alas, if there is more daylight it looks white in the light areas and with the dull light inside it looks still washed out. It is a prettyish purplish with spots of green and lavender and very dark purplish yarn. Anything that looks very light in the picture above is actually more lavender and lilac.

So it is done and I can’t wear it. Hmmm… To a box it will go till a time that it finds a new home.

Oh, and if anyone reading this is aware of the book the pattern came from, I’d love to find it again. It was an off-loom weaving book I found at the library about ten years ago now. But this one used poster board for the loom. Rather ingenious method to get the top and then it to curve under. Wish I had the pictures of the process but will be doing another one so will do better about saving the pictures next time.

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