A Hat Declared Done Revisited

I have discovered the pictures that I knew I had taken when I went to record my hat that I wove at A Hat Declared Done. I knew I had them. I hunted all over this computer but to no avail. Then yesterday I realized I had several pictures still on my phone that went that far back. Alas, my computer and phone refuse to communicate right now. Two problems have developed because of this and are driving me crazy trying to figure out but… I can email the pictures to me and have done that this morning, so now I want to show how the hat was done. The pictures aren’t great but at least I have a record.


The pattern for the warp

First you take this pattern and enlarge it to fit your head. Alas, I’ve known for some time that I have a large head. I can’t wear my husband’s hats. Hmmm… I would have never guessed but I have had a time enlarging this just right. But here went another try and from the pattern side you can see that the underpart is warped. The dotted lines show where the warp goes on the backside of this.


Started weaving

Once it is all warped then you start weaving. It is going around and around until you have it packed to please you. Now do not look too close at this because I didn’t realize it at the time that I had caught some of the threads and guess what? Yes, one should just tear it all apart if you do that. Guess how I know? Yes, I worked with it since I was already going, but without details, it can be bad and a lot more work when done.


Top of hat finished weaving

So here I am done with weaving, so now to turn the poster board over and start on the shorter brim area to weave it.


Weaving the underside of the beret.

Once you have the top packed to please you, then you turn it over and do the same with the underside of the beret. You can see here that I found that the long needle from my Zoom Loom works great for weaving as you can pick up quite a few warp threads at a time.


Sam gets to appear again. Love this picture.

So here it is done again and sitting on my ever patient with mom, Sam. I really would love to find the book I got this idea out of again. It was an off loom weaving book and I wish I had it again.

Oh and by the way, I have another hat, woven with my handspun alpaca, downstairs just washed and drying. Guess what? It is way too big for this head this time. Guess I will crochet another round on it again and try to tighten it up. Should I give up matching this head. I have had four misses now. I wonder if some of it is the fiber. As I didn’t enlarge it very much between these two.


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