Christmas Message 2014

Christmas this year is very different than any other has ever been before. Oh yes, there was the exciting coming home from college and being in a colossal wreck that no one involved will ever forget. And the fun times at grandparents with cousins and all. The trips to places like Bisbee. But this year is very different.
We are in the process of a move. So we have sold our house and after living a week in a low end motel were able to move into a small condo. Not home at all in feel though we have laughed that the use of the word “home” seems to be where ever the suitcase is sitting at that point in time. But with most all my things in storage in Dallas I feel rather destitute. Though…..

I read a booklet that came in the mail this week from the group that we help support two girls in Africa. It was all about the Christians in Iraq. With tears as I read, what do I have to complain about. I may be essentially homeless, no place that is mine. But I have immeasurably more than any of those I read about. My husband has a job. There is lots of food in the kitchen. Despite the chilling cold and wind outside I am warm inside.

One part of the story really hit me as one father was telling that the verse that the family clung to was where Jesus tells us that we will have persecution if we follow Him. Boy my verse for this time for just some peace seems so simplistic to what they are holding onto.

Last night I walked the Wildlife out across the small plaza area outside the condo over to where they could take care of business. It was a cold wind cutting into me out there. But I looked up at the small bit of sky one can see and it was clear. Clear and only one thing to be seen. Orion was still out on his hunt after so many millennia of marching across the skies.

Orion. My favorite constellation. He would march across our driveway at night when growing up in Illinois. Watched him cross over from east to west how often. He was a close friend. When I went off to college and was lonely in a massive crowd and would rather be home, I would look up at night and there Orion was just as always. Keeping watch over me. God still with me wherever I was. A sign. And often the same thing happened again and again over the years.

Last night once again Orion was there. Right above me. The only lights in the sky visible. God is with us wherever we are. Part of Christmas. Immanuel God with Us. Where would I be in my easy distress or the Christian in Iraq or Syria who doesn’t know what tomorrow holds. We each have one truth – Immanuel God with Us. Because two thousand years ago Christ became the GodMan and crossed the divide between God and Man and made a way of salvation.

Immanuel God with Us. Merry Christmas one and all. May you know the peace of Immanuel.

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Written 24 December 2014

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