Night Skies

Last night, for some reason, I was being very sweet to Mark. He had left his glasses in the truck and came up to the condo with just his sunglasses. Now it was late, and I still needed to take Sam out for his last visit of the day to the piddle area. So we volunteered to go on to the parking garage and get the glasses from the truck. Mark agreed that suited him fine. Now I really wasn’t in a mood for that long of a walk (which really isn’t that far) but off we went.

Thankfully God made this charity moment a real moment. We went downstairs at the end of the complex and came out into the open and what an evening. The sun had set a bit ago but there was still this blue line of light just above the horizon across the water from us. And right above that was the moon. And what a moon. There it was right above the horizon. It was a new moon. Dim. You could see the sliver of it laying down on the right side. A dry moon. But it was tinged with a dark grey orangey look. And you could still see the rest of the moon in shadow. Quite the picture.

As it was a wonderfully clear night, we walked further out from the lights and looking up saw so many stars. Orion had been hunting further afield than when I wrote about him last. His journey taking him into the west sooner now. Cassiopeia was over the water. And others that I probably knew at one time, but no more.

I love when God shows Himself in nature so wondrously. If I hadn’t been nice to go get the glasses, I would have missed it all as it wasn’t out the end that our windows face. When I got back inside, I told Mark he had to go outside and look. So leaning over the rail of the patio we could see the moon and now we found the Big Dipper as well.

In contrast here, I might add that Saturday night, we had the wonderful lightening storm that passed through the Hill Country and on to us. We spent quite a bit of time out on the patio watching it roll in and pass over. Amazing low clouds with the battle going on behind and round them. A most unusual night sky like I have never seen before.

The battle in the night sky.

The battle in the night sky.

And now I am reminded of the time in Mexico when we went to La Pintata. I climbed one side with one group and some guys climbed the other side. When we were all at the top all you could do was be amazed looking out over the desert. I love me some desert. Someone began singing How Great Thou Art. We all sang then and you could hear it from both sides across the clear desert air. I always remember that moment and never sing that song with out standing there once again in my mind.

How Great Thou Art my God whenever I see your handiwork in nature. This You created for our enjoyment. Amazing Grace.

Written 20 April 2015

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