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My Bamboo

I bought two cones of bamboo yarn for weaving at some CHT conference that was not the last one or at some event where yarn was given out or fairly cheap. I really don’t remember exactly when I got this yarn but it must have been fairly cheap or I would not have bought it. Or I had a moment of weakness and felt its luscious softness and fell too in love to allow it to stay at someone else’s possession.

So home it came with me and during my shadow weave excursion it came out and became a wonderful piece of 3D shadow weave. I was so amazed and awed by what can happen with two different colors and the shapes that could happen that I stopped and took photos in the process of one piece.

Shadow Weave

Shadow Weave

I wish you could reach your hand through the ether and touch this cloth. Ever so soft. But isn’t it fun how the two sides look so different depending on which direction the lines are going. And so 3Dish. Amazing what one can create with their own hand and some yarn.

With this warp I also wove a long piece to go on our mantle. We repainted the living room and the mantle was begging for some thing to lay down its length so I made a piece that would match the living room. These colors so went with what we did with the walls. Alas unless you are over 6 feet you will never know it is there or what wonders lie just out of sight. Not as fascinating a piece as the above but imagine that it came off the same warp and yet looks so different.

pattern of mantle piece

pattern of mantle piece

I have tried at least a million times, though that may be evangelistically speaking, to take pictures of this piece with no success. I wanted a nice one showing down some length but alas the colors all wash out no matter what I do with my camera. So here you can see the pattern and at each end there is an inch band with the colors reversed so it looks more of the tannish brown and less of the creamy white.

The reason this warp came to mind is that I have those two cones out again am going to be putting on a narrow warp for a scarf next on the floor loom. I hope it comes out as wonderful as I envision it. A soft wonderful scarf with a token of Tall Pines at each end.

This October is Tall Pines Weavers and Spinners 30th Birthday and we are planning a big party for the occasion. Hopefully I’ll have a wonderful scarf for the affair.



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