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Caleb’s Book

OK, my life has gotten too busy for this laid back girl. Why? I really don’t know for sure, but I sure have a lot of irons in the fire, and it is time to start pulling some out. So am going to be letting go of some things that I love doing and pushing on with others. Now all this means that none of my fibery fun is getting the axe. It is other areas that are.

One thing that made this past couple of weeks more hectic was suddenly realizing that my oldest nephew was graduating from high school in a couple weeks from then. Yikes! I really should make something nice for him. So to the drawing board we went and started with some blue cloth I had woven. I loved the pattern and being blue wouldn’t be considered girly to an 18 year old boy. The pattern is actually different on both sides so I had Mark decide which side would look better for the book. And thus the cleaner less hectic side won.

Caleb's Book

Caleb’s Book

The fabric of course wasn’t wide enough to cover the book and all I had on hand was black to use with it. So the book was bound in black cotton and the blue on top. It actually looked decent together. I did spend quite a bit of time on the insides which was family history for Caleb. A reminder that when your feeling down and insignificant, just look and see how many people it took God to make you up. And this is just a couple hundred plus years of the thousands that precede us. We are no flash in the pan to God but a work of art.

One thing I do need to do next time is review the procedure before starting. I don’t make books often now, and I do forget too much between times. And though this worked in a rush, I do wish it was a bit better. Of course everything though can be a bit better.

All the best Caleb as you move forward in your life.

A side note as I look at the picture writing this. The pattern has a total different look when it is this small on a screen. I see more of a rosette look to the pattern than just the crosses, but if you click on it and see it a bit bigger you can see the crosses. Rather interesting to see how the look of a pattern can change between being seen full scale to smaller scale.

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