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Merry Christmas 2013

2013 Tree

2013 Tree

Every since I was a little girl I loved paper. Amazing how versatile it is. Made into books with words and it can take to times and places far beyond your reach. It can be folded into shapes, cut and glued back together in other shapes. It comes in all colors and weights. And with our computer age what a world opens up from right where I sit at this moment.

I love paper houses (and not the ones I knew in Mexico though if the Lord said here is your new home, I could do it). But I love all the wonderful buildings one can make with paper. And so when Mark declared he liked just white lights on a tree and of course I love lots of color, where would the compromise come? Two trees is part of it. A small colorful one for me. But I needed something to make all white lights not just another boring tree (sorry to all that love their boring white light trees).

So came about my paper house trees. I found that if you search there are lots of  sites with paper buildings to be downloaded for free and then you can print them off and build them. German sites are the most profuse with wonderful real buildings to make and of course the Japanese have some incredible stuff as well. So anyway, I have a folder full of buildings to build on my desktop and about half of them I have made.

First step is getting a perfect tree. I have learned I like Leyland Cypress best. Alas it takes Mark to get that perfect one for me. Now perfect doesn’t mean the same here as for others. Perfect for me needs holes in it. Alas this tree was almost perfect by anyone’s standard. I am sure he and his mom would like to forget how bored they get waiting on me to find my tree and then loose it and then find it again. But that is the way it can go.

Mark cutting the tree that took us quite awhile to find.

Mark cutting the tree that took us quite awhile to find.

This tree was so full it took a ton of lights to get it covered with all the starry night light I wanted. But then came the fun part of placing all the houses and buildings just right. I have some real favorites amongst so many and so many more to make. Some day it will be a tree of wonderful houses, churches and few others.

I would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas!

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