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In the Beginning…

As I am having a war with my floor loom still (as in still after several way too many months that are now heading into almost a year), I wanted to do something to remember the beginning. Not the beginning of my spinning or the beginning of my weaving, but the beginning of “fiber” in my hands.

This goes back to when I was but a wee thing, and I don’t believe much more than 5 or 6 years old. My mother got me two cats to embroidery. They were very simple and aimed at the youngest to pick up a needle.

My Little Kitties

For more decades than seem possible these two cats have stayed in my possession just as they were when I finished them. The blue kitten had just dashed lines and you came up at the beginning of a dash and down with the needle at the end. Very easy to learn with. The yellow kitten was outline stitch. Alas sad to say time has gotten to the blue one and some of the cloth in his poor head is rotting away.

Then just a little bit after, my mom bought me a dresser scarf with more kittens on it. It was to be a Christmas gift but got lost in the shuffle of life so I didn’t get it till I found it on my own afterwards. “Oh, mom, look at this. Can I do it?”

Dresser Scarf

So once again with the very basic of stitches I had me six more cats. (And would you believe I much prefer dogs to cats? But who knew back then.) You can probably guess the time frame that this was done. And would you believe that I really don’t like yellow or orange. It would definitely be different colors if done today.

After I finished this my mother crocheted a border around it in the tiniest of stitches. I don’t think either of us have the eyes today to do this again. Though part of it has unraveled and needs some love. Maybe one day with a good magnifying glass we will attack it.

So over the course of about 4+decades (hard to actually type that this has the possibility of crossing 5 decades), I have been fiddling with thread. First embroidering and then discovering cross stitch in high school and if I wasn’t reading, I was working on the latest project. Along the way I learned to do some basic crochet. Then many years later was introduced to creating my own thread and weaving.

Don’t you love to see where the journey has been and where it is going?

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