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A Tale of Two Towns

So this last week I have been between two towns that their names come from back east and from much more famous places. First lets look at the trip I took.


Washington, Arkansas

Last week I went to Washington, Arkansas for the Stepping Back Accurately Women’s American Civil War re-enactors meeting. It was an interesting time to learn more about how people lived and dressed in the 1860s. And to meet ladies just as crazy as I am. It was held in an old 1914 School House that is in Washington. A town that time bypassed when they didn’t want the railroad, but it didn’t totally die either. It did, however, survive with many old houses and buildings and is now a state park as an historical town.

What would I find so interesting there? Of course ,many things, and I would love to go back and see more of the town. But one morning Peggy and I skipped the meeting and went on a tour. Our first stop was the Trimble house and after telling the docent we were with the group at the school and lovers of history; and that I was a weaver and Peggy a seamstress for the Alamo, he said he thought he could trust us and we got to leave the red runner and walk over to things to get a close up look. So what does a weaver spot ever so quickly? Three wonderful overshot coverlets.


First coverlet

The first one I didn’t get a good shot of just it as it had a dress laying on it. But here it is in such beautiful perfection. I must admit to drooling over it. But on to another room.


Second coverlet

Oh,  this one was a dream. It was wool and linen and woven in three panels which were sewn together. It was incredibly wonderful despite the fact that the panels didn’t all line up perfectly. The actual weaving was something to behold. I did actually get to touch this one quickly. The docent folded it just a bit back so we could see the back and then told me, I could lay it back right. What a pleasure! I probably took more care and less touch than most of the docents in getting to touch this gem. It so spoke to me in my language. It was quite stiff and rough to the touch. I would assume it is the drying out of the linen over so much time but maybe I’m wrong, and it is just the age and wool and linen get rough with it.


Closeup where it does line up pretty well.

Then one more coverlet came into view in a cabinet. It was an eye catcher as the colors weren’t just the natural and green and blue that the other two were but was in a red/brown and rust.


Third coverlet

This quilt though quite common in pattern (if I was near my books, I could look it up quickly, but I haven’t learned the pattern names though I can recognize so many and think I should know their names) to me was quite unusual in these colors. I just wished it wasn’t in the cabinet so I could get a better picture.

So had a great time in Washington, but was soon back in good Lexington. So what is happening here? Yes, I’m still weaving away on my Lena dress fabric. I have officially today crossed the 8 yard mark and have 4 more to go. Yippy! Two thirds of the way done. I do have several things that do keep it at a slower pace than it would be. Not the least being that the brake release has frayed, and so I have to get up and do both the front and back brakes separately. Must go to Ace and see if they would have what I need. Also, still dealing with some of those cantankerous warp threads but all in all it is going along and looking pretty good except for my left hand selvedge. Hard to accept that the handed side you are is the worse one. The right looks quite nice.


8 yards headed on the cloth beam

I am happy to be this far along, albeit, I had hoped to have it all woven before Washington but, alas and alack, what can I say, it didn’t happen. But it is moving along.


The big fat sections are loosing their girth.

So, I got to see some wonderful coverlets that make you wonder who wove them and their personal stories. And I have made more progress on my own weaving, albeit, not an overshot at this time, but I feel one coming on soon.

I tend to love those two shuttle patterns best. So now I am doing Color and Weave which I love and next it probably will be an overshot.

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Xang 34 – Don’t You Love the Name

I wove my corded petticoat and still had quite a bit of warp left on the loom so I went hunting a pattern and settled on Xang 34 in Helene Bress’s The Coverlet Book. I do love looking at this 2 book set and there is a star pattern I love but alas and alack it is for 8 shafts and I only have 4 so had to settle on the lesser star pattern labelled Xang 34.

When you see the draft from a distance, you can’t see (or maybe I should say, I can’t see) the star pattern at all but rather these squarish boxes. but up close a nice star sits in the midst of those boxes.

But anyway, I rethreaded the heddles and started weaving. Oh, did I say the rethreading went really south and gave me tons of troubles? I almost gave up before it even began. But anyway, I was finally weaving and it wasn’t going well so cut it off and started over again. Selvedges were to drive crazy through this whole project.

The start that wasn't great so cut off.

The start that wasn’t great so cut off.

So back at it again and going by the pattern, the number of picks it was asking for gave me very elongated stars.

The loooong stars

The loooong stars

So I decided that I would use fewer picks for the weft. I then had to finished one repeat of the stars and wove some plain weave and then could start over again with 2 less picks in each block.

Squared up stars

Squared up stars

So it seemed to look better and off we went again weaving and hoping my notes were good for finishing off the border the same on both ends. Then I had a great thought after this went over the breast beam and took the camera under there and took a picture of the beginning border which in the end was the best way I had to get the borders to look the same. Yeah, for belated thoughts that help!

Well, I eventually hit the end of the repeat without enough to do another but still some more warp left so gathered up my leftovers to just weave plain weave with color. I have wound off the ends of bobbins onto cut cardboard from hangers and stored them for some time (no, I don’t through very much away) And now I just started putting these onto the shuttles and started weaving. Alas, this really shows some of the troubles I was having with this warp all along with this project but as my thoughts were on cutting this part up, I didn’t sweat that it wasn’t perfect. So I just imagined what these colors were forming and in my head it was a field of wildflowers with trees above and the sky and at the bottom reflection in water.

My color and weave plain weave with leftovers.

My color and weave plain weave with leftovers.

Boy it really shows troubles by this time that were getting worse with this warp.

Anyway, it is cut off the loom washed and pressed and now to decide what it will all become as I don’t really think it is quite good enough for my first idea.

The squared piece and you can see part of the border.

The squared piece and you can see part of the border.

The bit with the long stars

The bit with the long stars

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I wrote I could weave better than I can sew?

Just yesterday I wrote, ” Yes, weaving comes a bit easier for me than sewing. ” Alas but, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.” Ok so when weaving, a general rule is that most troubles are of your own making but despite so much care on this project – it isn’t going well. My last two projects were a straight twill and plain weave. They went quite well all in all, and I am happy with them. Alas to finish off this warp I wanted something more exciting so decided to go with my favorite (well tied with shadow weave) overshot. So of course there is the threading of the heddles that one must keep in very good order.

Rethreading mistakes in threading.

Rethreading mistakes in threading.

I know this pictures doesn’t say much to most but even with my careful copying out of the pattern in easy to keep track of pairs and sequences I still messed up the left side and had many corrections to make. Adding time to the overall project. Then….

Actually looking good for the border.

Actually looking good for the border.

We are finally weaving and the border is looking good. This is a star pattern and It just fits perfectly in the warp I had already on the loom. I love the color and it will be interesting to see how it looks when wet finished. Then…

How many problems can there be in one picture?

How many problems can there be in one picture?

Thankfully the selvedges don’t show well here but they aren’t going well. Then those two T pins on the left are holding inserted warps for broken ones. And to top that off the note is telling me that I just decided to walk away from it all for the time being and when I return, I still need to take out the lavender at the top as I was using treadle 3 when I suppose to be using treadle 2 for 9 picks. And yes, I realized it when the next set was suppose to be treadle 2 and I went to it and – OH DEAR ME OH MY!!!! So taking out. And if you can tell the selvedges aren’t any better but not worse though with the troubles on the left side not sure it is going to completely recover.

So my prayer now is that when I return in a great state of mind, I will get the rest taken out easily and the weaving next will go smoothly and look lovely. There really isn’t a lot of warp left here. Not like I’m looking at yards of this but I hope I survive it. When I post pictures of the finished shawl (hopefully that is what I’ll have when finished) I will remember the troubles I’ve seen and the triumph over them. Now to move on to planning and getting everything for my corset class. Anyone think that can go better?

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OV69 Beaded Edges

I loved the cloth I made when I wove OV69 from Helene Bress’ The Coverlet Book. It had that beauty that anything with a strong red and blue coloring has. It was overshot and I love overshot. I took the pieces of it and hemmed them but that was the end of it and they were put away.

Needless to say, I have been in a beaded edge mood of late and it is a great task to do in the evening. So out came the beads and a piece of OV69 and I designed my own edge for it with two different beads. They are very close in color, one more blue and one more silver, but still so close, but really different in shape and size. One being a very typical rounded bead with hole in center but the other were much smaller and cylindrical in shape.

Beaded edging added to OV69

Beaded edging added to OV69

It came out pretty good in my book though the funny bit was that the first end that I did came out nigh unto perfect. Something to be really proud of. Alas the second end that I attacked came out a bit more wompous. Hmmm…. Not strongly ugly and maybe I am the only one that will really see all that should be better in it but…

Closeup of beading

Closeup of beading


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H & V Green Name Draft Shawl

My husband got me into this. Yes, I blame him for the miserable time I had with this warp and weaving. He made a deal with a gal at work who wanted a shawl like the pillow cover I had done for our bed. So here I was needing to do it. The warp turned out to be the warp from a not so good place. Continual problems. But after much time and fiddling and hopefully learning we managed to weave off a shawl.

It is made with 16/2 cotton warp and plain weave weft and an 8/2 pattern weft. Lovely thread that a bit of ended up in the garbage. Sighhhhhhhh…….

H & V Shawl

H & V Shawl

The pattern is a name draft of the lady’s two daughters names. I enjoy the process of charting out name draft patterns. It is done in overshot weaving. Each shaft on the loom is assigned letters of the alphabet and you then chart the pattern according to what you want to say. Then of course you have to add a few shafts in to keep it in proper overshot patterning. Then you thread the loom according to your chart and you have an original overshot pattern that is personal. Did that make a ton of sense? I know it didn’t if you don’t know much about overshot to start with, but that is it in a nutshell. I love doing name drafts but some day I am going to work one out and get it squared. Haven’t yet. But as it isn’t a pattern people would recognize – who knows if it is correct or not. It actually looks pretty good.

Edge of shawl with beads

Edge of shawl with beads

To add to the time involved in making this, not only did I weave it and hand hem both ends but she also wanted a beaded edge. I had some green beads that worked well, but I ran out and couldn’t match the beads so I had to get more for the other end and they don’t quite match but are so close that I don’t think too many will notice if they didn’t already know they were different. Or read here that they are different. Beads do help shawls hang nicely with that little bit of added weight.

So all in all this is my first handwoven project that I got paid for. Not near what it was worth but more than I had goods in it. And that money feels good.

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Lee’s Surrender Finished!

It seems like a sad day to write such a title but even as we remember 150 years ago and the Battle of Gettysburg beginning today, I have finally finished my miniature Lee’s Surrender. Here is original post.  And no I don’t think we really know where this pattern received its name.

Miniature of Lee's Surrender with beaded edges

Miniature of Lee’s Surrender with beaded edges

I bought some beautiful variegated beads from Pat Powell Designs that matched this variegated thread almost perfectly. I then set about deciding what pattern to use.

The second beaded edge that is so much better

The second beaded edge that is so much better

I decided to do this row of beads I saw as a base and then do the netted beads on that. It took me a bit to get a good hang of how to attach the beads but finally got it almost perfect on the second end. Having the row of beads on made it easy to get a perfect spacing for the netted beads. There are three beads between each point of the netting.

It surprised me how green the green beads look in all the pictures. They are not so eye catching in reality.

It surprised me how green the green beads look in all the pictures. They are not so eye catching in reality.

I am pretty happy with the piece and happy its edges finally got hemmed and fancified. I am loving adding beads to the edges of handwoven, just wish it was a bit quicker to do. But I found it a good excuse to just sit and watch Midsomer Murder as opposed to up and at it.

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What to do with Small Bits

After I was having so much fun with triaxial weaving, I had to decide what would be a good use of these pieces I was creating. They don’t lend themselves to the normal towels, scarves, shawls, etc. of normal weaving. Then in perusing some of my small bits of woven cloth – you see when I spend that much time on a piece, I just can’t through away those little bits left over after making a project – I decided to try my hand at making some cards.

Now to find cards with windows in them has not been easy – at least on this side of the pond. I found quite a few on the other side for too much. So I decided to try and make my own. Here are the first results.


Bomber Flight

Bomber Flight

Color and Weave

Color and Weave

These first two are leftovers from other projects. I love how the bomber (in posts here and here) was the perfect size for the card opening I made. Also the color and weave pattern fit with three sections perfectly in the window.





Spaced dyed weft

Spaced dyed

Log Cabin

Log Cabin

These two also looked great. My first successful Log Cabin pattern, which I love how 3D it looks, and then a woven
piece that is a false plaid in that the warp and weft are space dyed yarn and the plaid look is a result of the color repeat in the yarn.





Purple Star

Purple Star

White and Gold Triaxial

White and Gold Triaxial

I love my triaxial weavings and these two fit so nicely in the windows. I also like the contrast with the card though the lilac color is prettier in reality than I could get a picture. The gold box in a sea of quartz is quite a piece of eye candy. That piece took a bit to make.





Pastel boxes

Pastel boxes

Tri-color Boxes

Tri-color Boxes

Here are two more triaxial woven pieces that I had woven and now are resting in windows in cards. The pastel pattern looks great in the lilac card. Then this is my very first triaxial piece that I wrote about here. I dearly love the look of it and how you can play with it with your eyes and it can change its look.


I loved making these cards and plan on continuing with them.

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OV69 I love you despite…

I finally (make that taking a looooooooong time) have cut you off of my floor loom. You started out with such promise and hope. And we struggled. We fretted. We fought with nature. We battled on and on. And we won … well … sort of in the end.

This all began in the spring of 2011. I found a draft I wanted to do in Helene Bress’ The Coverlet Book. It was OV69. She says of it when she found it, “It’s beautiful – breathtakingly beautiful! The ground is a fine, deep blue cotton, closely woven. A bright coral red pattern weft floats in and out of this blue ground creating a simple, but exquisite, pattern.”

So I got it warped and started weaving furiously as I knew I would be having surgery and would not be able to for a time afterwards. I didn’t get it done. But it was looking good on the loom. Then the worst thing happened – my friction brake broke. (this is an old Allen Folding Loom) We tried a multitude of ideas to fix it. Searched the web. Tried more ideas. Nothing held a tight tension. Frustration mounted. Finally managed a live weight brake that did hold good … well … enough to finish the warp. Alas because it wasn’t as tight of tension as before, I had to change how I wove it. So instead of two thread pattern shots, I had to go down to one to keep a descent shape to the design.

OV69 on the loom

So here we are on the loom. I actually remembered to take a picture before taking it off. It is at the time of one thread pattern weft for every shot though, so not as wonderful looking as previously.

How it looks with 2 threads for the pattern weft

The colors and saturation of the red on top of the blue was beautiful (to this gal anyways). I loved the way it was looking.

With only 1 thread for each pattern weft

Now the blue just becomes too dominate as the ground with only one thread in the pattern weft but all in all it is still nice too look at. Did you notice the mistake here? Oh, I’m sorry, this wasn’t a mistake. I actually meant to reverse at that very moment in the pattern and end up with this lovely long center pattern. And if you believe that I have a bridge for sale. Alas if you are going to discover a major error in your treadling, (after you cut the fabric off the loom no less) it couldn’t come more judiciously. I actually love this section and cut it out so that it looks like it was done on purpose for a table scarf.

The other side of the cloth

Now I know that the first two pictures were taken with the side I liked best in the moment. But this is the side that the book has as the top. It did grow on me and you can see how this has such a distinct different look to each side which are opposites of each other.

On the dining room table now

So a nice section of it made it to the dining room table. I even have it the side up that the book has as the top. By this time it had grown on me. I was happy, despite all the trouble I had with this warp, that I did end up with a nice piece this long to use this way and then other parts that I cut up for other uses as well.

So don’t give up on that horrid warp, or loom that is driving you bonkers. You may not end up with what you wanted in the beginning but you will learn and have something to show for it in the end.

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My First Overshot

Today I am looking at the pictures of my first overshot project. When I was first starting out on my weaving adventure, I was given a copy of A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison and there fell in love with the overshot patterns. I then fell in love with one pattern in the section called Squares and Borders. So my first big weaving project was a cover for our pillows in Norse Kitchen (p.186).

I wove the ground and pattern all in the same color. It has a nice sheen to it that makes it nice to look at though at this point I do wish I had woven it a bit tighter.

I don’t have a good picture of the fringe. I did a bit of fancy work there and so it helped it be a bit longer as I did miscalculate the length. (math is totally not within my strengths.) If you click on the picture you can see it better.

Now I don’t use this on the pillows anymore as my Sam loves to hang out snuggled up close to the pillows and of course you can tell where he hangs out and it was getting a bit used looking. So I have since woven the name draft cover in greens and keep pillows in front of it so that he can’t rub off on it as well.

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CHH Swatch Swap 2012

The swatch swap this time around went through a few changes including subject and time when it would happen. But in the end there were more participating this time than in the years I have done it before and some fascinating things were presented for all to see.

My history for the swap was a bit of a bumpy road. I knew back at the last one that I had to jump right on it as I was having surgery and no weaving for a time last summer. So I planned and plotted. I bought thread and warped. I wove and watched the beauty come. And then … of all things … the brake on my loom broke and thus ended the weaving for the time being.

Then word came that the swap was being all changed about. AAAGGGGHHH!!!!! (hear a big Charlie Brown cry here) Well, what I was doing wouldn’t fit the new theme. My loom was sitting incapacitated anyway. Would I get to do it or not this year. Being me, my first thought was oh well, we’re sunk. But after some time and fiddling with what I had (wasn’t going to buy all new for another project) I picked Bomber Flight from Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes.

The reason I picked this one is that I love WWII and the aircraft. Then many of the men in my life are connected with the Air Force. My father, my brother, my two brothers-in-law, my husband, and my father-in-law were or are in the Air Force. So Bomber Flight it was to be. Now my husband was a crew chief on B-52s and so when I suggested doing this in his honor his first statement was, “It looks like a B-17”. (definite inflection of “wrong aircraft”) I told him I knew that as it was designed during WWII and so of course it had the proportions of a B-17 but I would try and remedy that.

So here are my first attempts at this pattern. I had quite a bit of a very light blue 10/2 cotton that I used for the warp and ground and then tried many different threads for the pattern weft.

Some of these obviously didn’t work from the first shuttle throw and were dismissed quickly. Some it took a bit longer to decide that they didn’t work. But in the end I decided that a mix of a black with a dark blue was perfect. As the aircraft itself is a blackish color and the blue for the Air Force. So off we were and weaving. Alas the blue ran out and I ended up using some green with the black as well as a variegated to see what it would do to get enough cloth for the swatch and still keep the best for Mark. The variegated I forgot to add to my list of threads used.

Here is my finished cloth to be used for Mark. I am even playing with making something with lights on it.

Now one of the things I made a decision on, and then change my mind every time I look at it, is what side I like better. Fronts and backs of Overshot patterns are different. And though both are aircraft in look they do differ in shape a bit to the eye. I originally liked Bertha’s back better for a B-52 but now I don’t know which side I prefer.  Next is the back of Bertha’s pattern.

I guess the best part of this is that I did get something done albeit on a table loom. I did get my book of swatches. I did get to see some wonderful pieces that others had done that were absolutely gorgeous.

And here is my sample in my notebook. I got left with one of the variegated ones so obviously the others thought the other colors worked better which of course they were right.

Now to decide what to make with Mark’s fabric and then to move on to my next project.

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