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Cards with a Patriotic Flair

I was at Hobby Lobby. Who can just walk in and out for what they came for – not this kid. Anyway, 4th of July stuff was on sale 40% off, and I went over and started perusing the aisle and came across some ribbon that screamed “Triaxial”. OK, so I don’t look at ribbon the same anymore and all ribbon gets scrutinized for triaxial weaving possibilities. This ribbon won and so it went in the basket.

Patriotic Triaxial Card

Patriotic Triaxial Card

Well, my first thoughts were to use the hearts for the star and the stripe ribbon to frame it. Alas after completing it, I decided that may not have been the best choice. It is all red, white, and bluey and looks quite patriotic but the design is just not strong enough. So afterwards I did just add the strip of ribbon with the hearts as a sample and added effect to the card.

So then it was time to start a new one and this time reverse the two ribbons and have the stripe as the star and the hearts surround it. Wow, It so worked that way. I loved the little piece of wonder.

Striped Star Triaxial

Striped Star Triaxial

Now you may look at this card and say, “That is a bit over the top!” Well, it is and there is quite the story to go with it. Alas and alack it didn’t come together very easily at all. I had planned a circle window to show it off and then weave ribbon in and out the bottom. The circle window went south though already cut and the piece of weaving glued on. YIKES!!! But I love it and do not want to just chuck it to the trash bin. Think! Think!

So I then cut a square window to overlay it. It wasn’t perfect but it did add quite a sparkle to it as it is from glittery paper. But after I got it all laid on right. YIKES!!! It was slightly out of kilter. Do you know how hard I worked on that and yet it still went out of kilter. And do you know once attached – nothing to be done about it.

I also had punched holes in the bottom for weaving the ribbon in and out and it didn’t come out well at all. YIKES!!! again. Well, a nights rest went in the midst of all this and so we attached the ribbon instead covering up all troubles. And did it a bit skewed to match the top.I think it came out pretty well and since you cover the back on the inside to cover the cloth it all looks like it was meant to be what is seen but alas and alack more than I now know that this card had some pretty hard birthing issues.




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