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Back to the Green Towels

OK, so I am back and hopefully can post the second towel that I have pictures of from the green warp which was my first one on the Glimakra loom.

I have reread that sentence and realize it is how my brain works but probably doesn’t make a lick of sense to anyone else that would care to read it. But what it means is that I can now add the towel here that WordPress wouldn’t let me add before.

Interestingly, since writing the last post, I found a picture I had of this towel on the loom with the weft. It actually looks better than what seems like hundreds of pictures I tried to take that would show the pattern.

Two colored weft on one colored warp

Two colored weft on one colored warp

This pictures shows well the cotton colors that made up this towel. I love them all and on a very fine scale they look lovely together here. This is a pattern from Ann Dixon’s The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory. This is from the tabby (over under every other thread, plain weave) section at the beginning. But could I be happy with just quick and easy plain weave? Of course not I still had to choose an easy pattern but of course still use two shuttles.

I am beginning a love hate relationship with my shuttles. I dream of easy weaving patterns and getting something woven quickly but then my favorite patterns are overshot and shadow weave. So those of you who know immediately laughed.  Both types of weaving take two shuttles. So not only do I have to follow a pattern of raising the shafts in the correct order but also which shuttle to throw at the right time. I keep telling myself that my next pattern to weave will be one shuttle but alas and alack. I know you are thinking that the last post was one shuttle with the space dyed yarn. Though it was one shuttle, I still had to wind all the bobbins ahead of time and keep them in order. That can be a big job for someone like me. So still couldn’t make it simple. One day I will…….. or not.

The completed towel

The completed towel

I know there is a reflection from the mirror across this, but I just couldn’t come up with the best situation for its photo. This towel though is quite fun to look at with its dots of color on the green warp. I probably like the space-dyed one better but this one is a close second.

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