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This and That

So I wanted to just add a few miscellaneous items to the memory banks here. Too much cuteness around here to keep to oneself. As well as things are happening but small enough to not need a whole post unless I start really short ones. Which might not be bad, but we won’t type all that is running in this brain on that rabbit trail.


An escapee trying to get back inside.

So first, I go out and check on the chicks as they do run out of water. (Mama has gotten smart and bought a larger waterer than is here seen.) But one day she went out and here was one outside their home. Hmmm… This cage has chicken wire and gauged wire all around the bottom. No way a girl could get out unless she flew through the top which is just cattle panel. Not sure, but she was trying to get back in and was easy to catch on the backside between the cage and the blue tarp. Hopefully, no more escapes as you can’t fix a problem you don’t know what is happening.


Gimpy enjoying grass and pecking the ground after being inside for a couple of weeks.

Now on to Gimpy. She is the little girl who I found almost starving to death. I got her inside and investigated and her beak was overgrown on top which makes it hard for them to eat and hence they starve. So we got it trimmed but then she wasn’t using one leg and limped quite poorly. So she got to stay inside while that was trying to be sorted. The only thought there is that it somehow got strained at some point as there was no obvious damage or illness or cut to it. So some epsom salt baths and inside care has helped a lot. Her daddy felt sorry for her so would take her out and has created his own nightmare now. She loves being with him and pecking at his beard and climbing all over him. Now is time to reintegrate her in the flock. Alas she isn’t too sure of that although she wants friends. When put in with her old friends their over attention and reestablishment of order isn’t to her liking and she runs back to daddy. So some work there. She does get to go outside and be near others as she has her own larger cage now.

Moving on from Chickens.

I never get tired of being with the sheep or lambs and when not in the pasture you have to settle for pictures. Who could get tired of such sweetness? Never. I just noticed that the two lamb pictures I picked are the two girls.


Lydia, daughter of Ruth

Lydia was our first surprise in January and she is quite the solid girl now. So pretty with her darker color although it is fading fast It is staying in her face and legs like Samuel and Joseph did last year. She actually looks so much like Joseph. I only noticed now but with this picture quite huge on the computer screen her wool on her forehead is all curly.


Anna, daughter of Rebekah

Who could not want to stare at that face forever. A little pensive. Maybe she is wondering where her twin brother is. Alas, it was sadness over the weekend as we lost him. (Have you ever wondered at that phraseology? I didn’t loose him, I know exactly what happened and that he went to sleep forever at the vet. Alas, though I do feel loss at not seeing him with her.) Her best friend never came back to her after I ran out of the pasture with him in my arms. Simeon managed to get tetanus, and we almost caught it in time to heal him but not quite. So after some IVs and overnight at the vet, it was best to just put him out of his misery. He was the smallest of all the lambs but boy could he run like the wind. I have not seen in reality any creature that could cover ground the way he could. Alas, maybe he just didn’t have what it would take for the long haul and so this was best for him.


Rebekah looking on her Simeon with Anna beside

So moving on from sad things to accomplishing something. Or at least getting it moving along.

I am weaving a twill pattern with variegated yarn. It is for the twill weaving group at my guild. Now I just picked a pattern I thought I would like. Ha! It wasn’t so exciting in the end. It was a wide kind of feathery leaf looking pattern that seemed that it should work with the yarns I wanted to use up. But when I did it, the pattern ended up a bit scrunched and is just a bunch hills. The picture below is definitely not some spread out feathery leaf pattern. Now I wasn’t totally dissatisfied with it but just not excited about it. I’m thinking it will make good washcloths. Ok, will see if I cut it up that small.

Now, as it was variegated yarn, and I have but six bobbins, I wound them and worked back through them to get the repeat of the yarn looking right. You can tell where I would six more and went a second time. Yep, lesson in checking the pattern and picking up with the same place in the repeat.


Taken from under and a bit blurry

Now I do have another yarn that is variegated and one I actually like the colors better so decided to try it on the warp. This warp pattern has three ways to treadle it so decided to try the second one as it was a pretty pattern as well. Of course, to me, I love the way this is now looking. But the funny thing, as I look at it, is that all three yarns are suppose to be 8/2 cotton. Now the warp was a green 8/2 and the same for both wefts. The first weft was a bit slubby but nothing really dramatic. But the second is a smooth lovely yarn. So does the second one look like the picture? Nope, of course not. I’m weaving it. It is actually spread out more than the picture in the book. The blocks are much more square there. So can I blame it on the yarns that they each look different and that difference is in the two opposite directions, and not on me? The warp didn’t change between and yet one is set too close to look like its picture and the other is set too wide. The yarns are a bit different but who knew they were that different? Ok, yeah, if I was more of a perfectionist, I could have worked these to try and be more as the intent of the pattern was, alas it is me doing it and it is working so we’re good.


How pretty.

As I look at this one now, I am amazed that one would think I actually measured out the repeat and planned this to match up. I did nothing of the like. I just started weaving on the same warp as the last one. I don’t know how long this will last but here’s hoping for quite a bit of ways.

So that is it for a This and That for today. I need to go get some weaving done.


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Maybe There is Hope

You know when you have big ideas and then they crash before your eyes, and you become depressed and ignore it? Yes, that is what was happening with the warp on the floor loom. I wrote about starting it in There is Something on the Loom.

Now as sad as this is, I did try several things with this warp and nothing looked great. I did weave along but found it hard to want to as it just didn’t look nice, good, ok, well maybe, oh dear what is this mess. So it was time to think radical, and I decided to redo the tie-up on the loom (a countermarche) so that I could weave it in a 3-1 twill. I actually managed to do that fairly easily. It actually is rather simple how the tie-up works on a countermarche though you do have to wrap your head around it and make sure you understand.

So first step accomplished and then a complete change in weft thread was the next step. And we were weaving again.


This is the backside of the cloth

So I started weaving with a cream thread and it went quickly. You can see a bit of the colors through it but this will be the back of the cloth when finished. I did the tie-up so that three shafts were down and one up for a better shuttle race. So I will be weaving and watching the back. But I did find it quite easy to see that I was keeping it in order. Quite easy to see the twill line and immediately notice a mistake.


From underneath trying for a picture of the front

I think I am pleased with what is happening now. I at least like it incredibly more than what was happening. You can see in the first picture the dark blue taking over the whole piece.

Now to get this warp woven and off the loom. I have a variation on Log Cabin sitting here beside me that I can’t wait to get on the loom. Somehow I seem to be happier with my two shuttle shadow weave and overshot patterns best.

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There is Something on the Loom

Yes, my loom is warped, and I did start weaving. I need to get back out there again and get with it. Alas there is a little snag in the plan. But anyways, my plan to begin with was to weave red, white, and blue cloth to make either a valance or swag over some of the windows between the living room and the gallery above. (Now I know gallery is a big word but coming up with a proper name for the walkway between the two sides of the house above was difficult and so I settled on gallery.)

Weaving 1

A warped loom

Because of the mix of yarn sizes I had, this became a mix of ideas in the warp. My loom has a sectional back beam (something I became once again thankful for when I tried to help someone warp front to back recently) with one inch sections. So I just made up a threading for each inch in color and sizes. I was using both 8/12 and 16/2 cotton in this. I then tried to repeat the same pattern in mirror image for the two sides as I worked out from the center. Alas, in threading the reed I realized that a couple weren’t exactly the same but que sera at this point. It will look fine and it isn’t quite noticeable … though more noticeable in this picture than when I’m sitting and working on it.

weaving 2

A warped loom

Next came the trouble of what to use for weft. In the top picture if you look in the distant top right corner, you can see a bobbin of 16/2 blue thread. As there was so much of it, the plan was for it to be the weft. Alas and alack, It just didn’t look right. Above you can see where I used some size 3 cotton crochet thread to get the spacing done. Then I used the 16/2 blue. Yikes! the crochet thread looked so much better. The colors were just lost in the 16/2. So it was start weaving again with the crochet thread and it did look quite good. I did need a bit of practice on those selvedges but as I was only doing a straight twill I could concentrate on them, instead of a pattern, and things became better.

Then I quickly ran out of crochet thread in size 3 and navy blue. That’s ok, I’m running to Bastrop and can visit Hobby Lobby and get some more. But best laid plans. They didn’t have something that I consider so common. At least in right size and color. Guess still too much in the middle of nowhere. So I got what they did have and will see if it works. If not, I will try some other things with what I have and if all else fails will take a trip to Yarnorama and see what they have.

I did take a picture of the weaving at that point, but it just didn’t look good so it went to the trash bin and will have to wait to see the finished piece. I’m not sure how it will look in the end when wet finished, but I do like the colors and it will be interesting to see what happens. I’m thinking a more valance look is what is going to happen as opposed to swag but that will be ok. It actually will go farther that way.

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A First that is a Now part 2

Well, I just went looking and found that it was back in June that I had decided to weave again a pattern I had woven when I was first learning to weave. I called it then A First that is a Now as I was starting it, but all I had to show then was the worn out rags that I was using in the kitchen and loved from that first warp.

Fast forward. We are moving to Austin (some day when the Lord decides the timing is right to sell this house) so I had to weave off what was on the loom and get it all packed away. Promptly everything went into boxes and deposited in a forgotten place. But time passed by, and the guild sale was coming up, and I knew I had packed some things away for it and needed to find them sooner than later. I tore the garage apart several times. Been up on top of boxes and dressers, over chairs, in holes, thankful that despite I don’t do much in the exercise way, I am still fairly limber for the holes I got my self into. But to get back at it, I couldn’t find this plastic container that I could remember placing one item in.

Discouragement reigned about me. Until just last Fridayish I suddenly had a thought while out in the garage. I had put some thing in the closet under the stairs. Could the lost box be there. I walked very slowly in to look as I wanted the euphoria of finding it to last a little while in case I was wrong. But alas when I dug back – there was the box and what I was looking for was in it. But also I discovered my warp straight off the loom not washed or pressed, just cut off and dumped in the box to be forgotten. Yes, I forgot all about it.

So out it came to be washed and pressed and the hand towels cut off and hemmed. Now as I do love using the rags in the kitchen I had also woven rag sizes as well so each towel came with a washcloth (ok I will try and use a bit more uppity word). Oh the memories of that warp. So here it is.

I picked three colors in the stash for it. A red, a blue, and an incredibly light green that almost looks white. I made the stripes of blue and red. I had less red than the other colors so it became the narrower basketweave stripes. The blue became the twill stripes. The pattern is out of the Green Davidson Book but as it is in the garage right now, I can’t actually look up the page and pattern title.

I then wove a solid blue weft on this warp and it came out somewhat nice. You really can’t see the twill pattern in it but it has a great look to me anyway. Though here it does have a bit of fuzz on it so will get a second wash.

Blue weft hand towel and washcloth

Blue weft hand towel and washcloth

Since I had very little red left I decided to weave alternating stripes of the three colors. Leave it to me to have a basic twill weave and still end up using three shuttles. I just can’t get away from multiple shuttle patterns. And as such, of course, this is my favorite of the three. I did run out of the red so couldn’t make more than one set of them.

Alternating 4 picks of each color in the weft

Alternating 4 picks of each color in the weft

Then as I had tons of the light color I then wove two sets with it. Alas though it does wash the color out pretty much. Not a horrid look, and I did change the sett to help it some, but still not my favorite combination but it works.

Light color weft

Light color weft

Still have the other set of light weft ones to press and then hem and they will all be done. All in all not bad. Though as I wrote this I probably wove them in a total different order than I wrote about them here. Who knows what happened back there in June now.

Three wash clothes together

Three wash clothes together

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A First that is a Now

Today I will be at the loom most of it as opposed to the deep cleaning that has been going on around here. The dust bunnies that have been re-homed have had their revenge in the process and my sinus’ and chest are not happy campers today. So no re-homing of dust bunnies today. Any of the still present ones can stay put for the time being.

But as I don’t have great current pictures of a project, I wanted to go to where the current project on the floor loom began.

Back when Jane got me started weaving she gave me some yarn and Marguerite Porter Davidson’s book, and I picked out a herringbone and basket weave stripped pattern to weave. I wove up this long bit of warp in it and then was done and what was I to do with it? I did a table runner out of a bit of it, then placemats, and napkins. Alas as it wasn’t very pretty, it rarely got used.

Table runner and two of the "napkins"

Table runner and two of the “napkins”

Fast forward a few years and my kitchen cloths were worn out and desperately needed to be replaced. Not wanting to spend money on something so menial, I remembered the “napkins” and pulled them out of the drawer and tried them out. I loved them as cloths! I was happy and those couple of dollars were saved.

So a year or maybe a bunch more later, my mind is running while working in the kitchen, and I see the cloth in the light of the window, I really liked the pattern and got to thinking how nice it would be to have the stripes in different colors so they showed more.

The pattern in the window

The pattern in the window

Oh and yes, at first I was rough on these rags (and yes I grew up calling dishcloths rags and try to be more proper at times, but it is still a rag to me) and know what caused so many distresses so quickly. I have remedied that problem but alas they do look well loved and used as a result.

But back to the project, I went to the stash and found enough red and blue to make another warp and some very light sage green I want to try as weft. But alas it is still a work in process so decided to go ahead and remind myself of where this latest project had its roots.

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