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eTextiles & Soft Circuits

Amazing!!! Wild!!!! You’ve got to be kidding!!!! I don’t like that, but what they’ve done is weirdly neat!!!! Just a few of the thoughts I had while watching slides for the eTextile Workshop that Tall Pines Weavers and Spinners hosted. It so opened up my eyes to a world that is wild and fascinating to this very traditional girl. All I have to say is – Why didn’t my science teachers make learning this much fun???? I so have so much I want to learn now.

Saturday, February 18th, 6 of us were able to make it to the workshop. We saw some slides (for the second time for several of us and yet) that totally blew our minds. We then learned a bit about basic electronic circuits and then headed out into a world of creating our own pieces. These were to show us what was possible and teach us the basics and then we could apply it to our own projects in the future.

After a day of learning three different ways to make a circuit, I think we all went home with partially done projects to embellish and finish off. Just last night I finished my wristband for the most part. Just have one tiny bit to tack down yet.

Here are my three pieces as they came home with me.

The heart is a pressure connection so you have to be touching it for it to light up. Well, that is what is suppose to happen. It was very temperamental on the day and worked sometimes. Now it won’t work no matter how I sweet talk it. I think that my positive and negative conductive threads are touching in there as they are loose and do come close together. Plan is to totally take it apart and start over again.

The purple one is a swinging switch (ok these weren’t Marie’s terms but well it’s what is coming into my head now to describe them). There is conductive thread along the bottom of the beads and as they swing back and forth (the idea is wearing it as a pin) it comes on or goes off. Then the wristband is just a circuit where the switch are the snaps that close it.

So I did finish embellishing the wristband last night and here it is off – which is the easier way to see what I did with it.  (as with all the pictures, you can click on it to see it larger).

Then getting a good picture of it was hard. I really understand now why some pictures of eTextiles and Soft Circuits that are online people wow over, but in a picture there isn’t much wow. But of course I assume as with this, if one saw it in person it would be wow. The LEDs are on and to my eye sitting here (with it still on my wrist) it is a really wow pinkish/purplish glow all over.

Now here is a picture of it in the dark.

This is closer to the pinkish/purple glow you see in real life but still the real thing is so much better.

Now in looking up more things online yesterday with eTextiles, I discovered that homemade playdough can be either positive or negative conductors. There is lots of fun there to be had with children learning about circuits. Boy, I wish science was that much fun when I was a kid. I really hated science all through school. Now I have some catching up to do with electronics.

Thanks to Marie for opening this girls eyes up to wild possibilities.

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