A First that is a Now part 2

Well, I just went looking and found that it was back in June that I had decided to weave again a pattern I had woven when I was first learning to weave. I called it then A First that is a Now as I was starting it, but all I had to show then was the worn out rags that I was using in the kitchen and loved from that first warp.

Fast forward. We are moving to Austin (some day when the Lord decides the timing is right to sell this house) so I had to weave off what was on the loom and get it all packed away. Promptly everything went into boxes and deposited in a forgotten place. But time passed by, and the guild sale was coming up, and I knew I had packed some things away for it and needed to find them sooner than later. I tore the garage apart several times. Been up on top of boxes and dressers, over chairs, in holes, thankful that despite I don’t do much in the exercise way, I am still fairly limber for the holes I got my self into. But to get back at it, I couldn’t find this plastic container that I could remember placing one item in.

Discouragement reigned about me. Until just last Fridayish I suddenly had a thought while out in the garage. I had put some thing in the closet under the stairs. Could the lost box be there. I walked very slowly in to look as I wanted the euphoria of finding it to last a little while in case I was wrong. But alas when I dug back – there was the box and what I was looking for was in it. But also I discovered my warp straight off the loom not washed or pressed, just cut off and dumped in the box to be forgotten. Yes, I forgot all about it.

So out it came to be washed and pressed and the hand towels cut off and hemmed. Now as I do love using the rags in the kitchen I had also woven rag sizes as well so each towel came with a washcloth (ok I will try and use a bit more uppity word). Oh the memories of that warp. So here it is.

I picked three colors in the stash for it. A red, a blue, and an incredibly light green that almost looks white. I made the stripes of blue and red. I had less red than the other colors so it became the narrower basketweave stripes. The blue became the twill stripes. The pattern is out of the Green Davidson Book but as it is in the garage right now, I can’t actually look up the page and pattern title.

I then wove a solid blue weft on this warp and it came out somewhat nice. You really can’t see the twill pattern in it but it has a great look to me anyway. Though here it does have a bit of fuzz on it so will get a second wash.

Blue weft hand towel and washcloth

Blue weft hand towel and washcloth

Since I had very little red left I decided to weave alternating stripes of the three colors. Leave it to me to have a basic twill weave and still end up using three shuttles. I just can’t get away from multiple shuttle patterns. And as such, of course, this is my favorite of the three. I did run out of the red so couldn’t make more than one set of them.

Alternating 4 picks of each color in the weft

Alternating 4 picks of each color in the weft

Then as I had tons of the light color I then wove two sets with it. Alas though it does wash the color out pretty much. Not a horrid look, and I did change the sett to help it some, but still not my favorite combination but it works.

Light color weft

Light color weft

Still have the other set of light weft ones to press and then hem and they will all be done. All in all not bad. Though as I wrote this I probably wove them in a total different order than I wrote about them here. Who knows what happened back there in June now.

Three wash clothes together

Three wash clothes together

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3 thoughts on “A First that is a Now part 2

  1. These are very nice sets. I grew up with washrags, too. Had to learn a new vocabulary when we moved uptown. 🙂


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